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Dlog Technologies is a Technology Company with the first time in the world technologies. The source of knowledge is external but R & D were done from our Chennai location since 2002. The Products now being produced and marketed are 1. Liquid Organic manure Concentrate and 2 Cow Milk Booster based on Almond extract.

Liquid Organic manure: We have the world's best Organic manure, which is guaranteed to provide very good health to plants and trees and increases the yield by 100% and is suitable for all soils all climates and kind of plants and trees. This product contains Cow dung+urine+milk+curd in small quantities empowered suitably to produce results which we can supply in 100's of litres as Concentrates. This product can work both as plant nutrient as well as insecticide/pesticide. There is no similar Two-in-One product in this world. We are ready to export this product abroad in any quantities.

We supply in 500ml costing Rs.290/- which can be used for 3.3 acres for all crops by spraying or for 0.5 acres of Coconut or Mango trees. or trees in general by root application.

We also supply 7.5ml Concentrate for Rs.300 only, with which Farmers themselves can make 750 ml of Liquid Organic manure (LOM), in one minute's time following the instructions and video given. This 750 ml can be converted to 750 litres of Manure mix by adding with water in 1:1000 ratio. This 750 litres can be sprayed on to 5 acres of any standing crops at 150 litres per acre. This way cost of manure per acre for all Crops work out to only Rs.60 per acre per application. For Coconut or Mango trees  or generally for all trees the cost our liquid manure will work out to Rs.400 only per acre per application.  More details available in the relevant webpage.

(Note: Rs.60 is roughly equal to USD 0.8333)

Cow Milk Booster: A sure milk booster in milch animals like Cows and Buffallos. This is an Almonds extract, in water form, which is rich in Calcium, and also magnesium, phosphorus, pottasium, zinc, copper, manganese,  and vitamin E, vitamin B complex, riboflavin and rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, which the Cow lacks to produce enough good quality milk.

We also supply 7.5ml Concentrate with which Farmers themselves can make 750ml Milk Booster. This way cost is very less at Rs.3 per Cow per day.

Accelerated Grape Fermenter: This is the latest product we are launching. Only trial samples will be provided till Sep'2020. Sale packs will be available may be after Oct'2020 only. This helps in making highly fermented Grape Juice, which is a good Food Supplement. This is not suitable for making home made wine, as the Fermented Grape juice is highly extremely sour in taste and unpalatable. More details are available in the respective webpage.

Tyre Saver Spray: This product was in R & D for over 6 years and R & D and field trials have been completed recently. We will be launching this product for sales after this monsoon season, in October 2020. This is a rubber strengthening catalyst. Tyre life can be doubled, huge fuel can be saved. This reduces rolling resitance in tyres, give smooth and cushy ride, and a eco friendly product. Cost is very low just Rs.18 for a bike tyre to Rs.36 for a big Bus/Truck tyre. Hence very economical. Available in Concentrates packings of 7.5ml priced Rs.900 and 40ml priced Rs.4050 only. More details available in the webpage.

Dinlog Food Supplements (FS)
We are introducing very higly effective Food Supplements for specific uses, like Blood Sugar reduction, Body weight reduction and Anti-ageing food supplements.
Diabetic FS: For Diabeties patients we offer Dinlog Quasabhuva +, a combination of Nilvembu and Gurmar (technical names Andrographis Paniculata 6.7% plus Gymnema Sylvestre 1.3%) watery solution, which helps to reduce overnight (fasting) blood sugar levels significantly, and this also works as immunity booster and generally good for health.
Weight Loss FS: For excessively fat persons we offer Turmeric (Curcuma rhizome) powder 8% watery solution, which helps in shedding excess body weight by about 2 to 3 kgs every month, and this is also a health and immunity booster and is generally good for health.
Anti-Ageing FS: This is just Desi Cow Urine 20% watery solution, which helps to get better nervous energy and works on lines of anti-ageing FS.
More details available in relevant webpages. The above products are under user Field trails and will be available for sale from July 2021 afterwards.

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